Colombia en Mississauga


Quienes SomosColombia en Mississauga was born in 2008 when Isabel Cuellar, a Colombian native of Espinal (Tolima) and her family, saw that Mississauga had not made a community activity where Colombians could remember and share with other communities its customs and traditions.

In December 2008, she held her first event called "SHARING CHRISTMAS", which gets together the entire Colombian and Latin American community to enjoy the traditional "bonuses NINTH" and Christmas Carols, known and practiced tradition in Colombian households.

In July 2009, she organized the first "INDEPENDENCE OF COLOMBIA CELEBRATION” in Mississauga, an event which highlights the Colombian culture through art, film, music, folklore and traditional food, while promoting and supporting Colombian talent and nonprofit organizations.

This cultural encounter with customs and roots 100% Colombian, makes Colombia closer to all Colombians who left their homeland and teaches their children who were born in Canada to appreciate their parents’ cultural wealth.

Since then, every year ‘Colombia En Mississauga’ and all the Colombian community in Mississauga is celebrating it the last weekend of July, and they are preparing themselves to welcome hundreds of people coming from different cities in Ontario and the United States to enjoy this great event. It includes a BIG COLOMBIAN PARADE that is a tradition in ‘Colombia En Mississauga’ as a tribute to the celebration of the Independence of Colombia.

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Latinos are a joyful community, vibrant, creative, passionate and willing to share their culture and traditions with the Canadian community to keep it alive.


Canadian Latin Heritage creates cultural events like festivals, concerts, exhibitions, educational workshops to promote the Latin culture (music, visual arts, dance and theatre) and support the Latin talent in collaboration with local and International cultural organizations and artists.